Ground Ambulance


Actually King Ground Ambulance or Road Ambulance Services in Delhi is standing on BLS and ALS facilities in emergency vehicles. BLS stands for Basic Life Support and in which the most stable and normal patients are carried easily, it has mainly like semi ICU theater while ALS stands for Advance Life Supports and in which the most serious patients are carried to transfer one hospital to another hospital. ALS has mainly like ICU theatre and all the types of equipment such as: ventilator cardiac monitor, suction monitor, infusion pump, oxygen cylinders etc. Really, it is more time leading ambulance services but it is cheaper than Air or Train Ambulance Services. It is used and hired by the clients only for a short distance and during this transportation it is the best option for the patients’ transferring. King Air Ambulance Services in Delhi has the grand and high level ground ambulance provider in all over India. It is because of it is providing its urgent services in all over India due to this reason It has become a brand name on casual service providing.

The silent features of Ground Ambulance Services:

1. Low cost available to the serious and normal patients
2. Available any time 24 * 7 hours.
3. Low distance economical and quickest services.
4. ALS- Advanced Life Support
5. BLS- Basic Life Support
6. Easily and anytime ready to pick any patient up.